No-Show Reveals the Ugliness of Modern People
No-Show Reveals the Ugliness of Modern People
  • Lee Seung-yeon
  • 승인 2022.09.07 15:09
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  In 2022, many people are living in a fast and convenient world. You can receive food delivered to your home without going out. You can call a taxi and move comfortably to the place you want. However, the ugliness of modern people hidden by these conveniences is gradually being revealed.
  A ‘No-Show’ means that a person who is supposed to come does not appear without canceling a reservation or appointment. Recently, there was an incident in which a store owner suffered a significant loss because one consumer did not visit after ordering 40 rolls of gimbap. In addition to these bulk order problems, No-Shows frequently cause problems such as not boarding after calling a taxi through a taxi platform.
  To prevent damage caused by No-Shows, more and more stores are requiring a deposit or using a prepayment system. In addition, there are growing calls for legal sanctions to be enacted for stronger regulations such as the ‘No-Show Prevention Act.’ Keeping promises is a natural responsibility that even children know. New laws must be created because of failures to keep this natural thing, which is a shame.
  Modern people should be considerate of each other and keep their social obligations, so we can continue to live in a convenient society we enjoy. For this reason, we need to think more deeply about social promises. Our minor actions must become regulated if we do not keep social responsibilities. Then we may not be free but instead, live the life of a bird trapped in a cage.
  Also, most people are unaware of the damages a No-Show victim has to deal with. Therefore, along with our responsibility, we should consider the damage that others may have. Moreover, just because a social promise is not prescribed by law, it’s not something you can think of easily. If our No-Show damages the other, we should be able to regard ourselves as a fraud and feel guilty. 
  As modern people in society, it is essential to keep the ‘spoken promise’ and follow the ‘line of common sense.’ A beautiful society is made by the small considerations of modern people and the practice of natural things.


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