New Course to Nurture Contribution and Service
New Course to Nurture Contribution and Service
  • Kim Ji-yeon
  • 승인 2022.05.25 21:00
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President Choi Oe-chool encourages students (Photo by reporter Bang Jeong-won, Wee Jeong-je)
President Choi Oe-chool encourages students (Photo by reporter Bang Jeong-won, Wee Jeong-je)

  Yeungnam University has opened a new compulsory liberal arts course called ‘Social Contribution and Service.’ This course covers the value and logic of community service based on ‘Sharing, Service, and Creativity,’ which are values that the human community should cultivate. It is a course that emphasizes the value of logic and examples of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) so that students can be global leaders who contribute to social development and solve common global problems. The Yeungnam Observer interviewed Professor Lee Jeong-ju of the Saemaul Studies and International Development Department.
  In 2022, YU will promote its vision of ‘a creative innovation college contributing to the prosperity of human society.’ It is striving to lead creative innovation beyond the existing practices of the university system. Thus, YU developed the ‘Social Contribution and Service’ curriculum, for the first time among Korean universities, to foster talented people who drive the development of advanced countries and those who contribute to human society. In other words, it is a course that strengthens students’ ability to understand their commitment to creating a society where everyone can live a safer and happier life.
  On May 2, at 7:30 a.m., students taking the Social Contribution and Service course gathered in front of the Central Library for school cleaning service. President Choi Oe-chool also participated in this event. The president volunteered to clean up the school with the students and said, “I hope the students will become warm-hearted talents with caring minds for others through today’s experience.”
  In addition, a student taking the course said, “It is not easy to learn about the socially disadvantaged by myself, but I could know more through lectures conducted with audio-visual materials. It is very rewarding to learn more about it.”

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