What Is the Boundary for Freedom?
What Is the Boundary for Freedom?
  • Lee Seung-yeon
  • 승인 2022.05.25 20:57
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    “Do not wear pajamas in convenience stores. This place is not your own bedroom.” This notice was posted at a convenience store entrance recently. The announcement warned about people’s clothes when visiting convenience stores. Some people criticized the store owner who posted the notice, “Is there a dress code at convenience stores?” and “Why cannot we wear pajamas in a convenience store?” One picture was posted when the controversy heated up, and the pros and cons began to clash. In the picture, two men wearing shower robes pick up stuff in the store. The men’s shower robe fashion was perfect for making others uncomfortable.
  Fashion appropriateness is the minimum etiquette that anyone living in this society must follow. At funerals, we wear black clothes and avoid colorful patterns. At weddings, we avoid white clothes and do not wear colors that stand out too much. When exercising, we do not take off all our clothes even if we feel sweaty. What is the reason we do so? Because this is our social etiquette to dress according to the situation and place appropriately. In particular, revealing clothes such as shower robes, which have been the center of controversy, should be avoided because they can be uncomfortable for others. It is a problem of social etiquette that can also be punished legally. Legal experts noted that outdoor activities in clothes of excessive exposure could be categorized as a minor offense under the law.
  What one wears is one’s right. However, it does not mean that one approves of causing unpleasantness to others. Therefore, while living in society, we can pursue freedom only as long as it does not harm others. That is the basic requirement for members of society.


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