DIMF: Have a Nice Summer Day
DIMF: Have a Nice Summer Day
  • Shin Hye-bin
  • 승인 2022.05.25 20:53
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DIMF outdoor musical venue (Photo by reporter Joo Jung-eun)
DIMF outdoor musical venue (Photo by reporter Joo Jung-eun)


  To cover how to enjoy Daegu International Musical Festival (DIMF), The Yeungnam Observer met with Hong Soo-yeon, Production & International Business manager.
  First of all, The Observer asked DIMF if there were any other events or experiences besides watching musical performances. Manager Hong replied that it would be an excellent chance to experience ‘High Touch’ or ‘Fan Signing,’ an event with actors who participated in the performance at DIMF. Also, She said that there would be on opportunity to enjoy ‘Star Date’ where you can learn about their hidden charms with the best musical stars. In addition, Manager Hong introduced ‘On a night of shining musical’ an outdoor musical film screening that is screened on a summer night, and ‘Backstage Tour,’ a time when audiences can check the hidden side of the musical’s splendid stage.
  In addition, Manager Hong said that ‘Conversation with the audience’ is the most recommended event to experience at the DIMF in 2022. The event is described as a time for musical actors, producers, and audience members to talk together and answer their questions. Also, the street performance event ‘Visiting DIMF’ is recommended too. In this event, the audience can get an opportunity for anyone to approach the musical easily.
  Finally, Manager Hong left a message for the students of Yeungnam University. “Since it is a local festival during the vacation, I hope students have a good time watching musicals and performances.” 

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