Reliable Supporters for Exchange Students
Reliable Supporters for Exchange Students
  • Jeong Ha-jin
  • 승인 2022.05.25 20:32
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  Yeungnam University has recruited many exchange students. Exchange students can develop global capabilities by interacting with Korean students. In this situation, YU’s University Student Ambassadors (USAs) work actively as a bridge between exchange and Korean students. The Yeungnam Observer interviewed USAs to ask who they are.
  USAs support exchange students to adapt to YU and Korea. Their main works are helping with paperwork such as visa extension, giving information about YU, and promoting the YU Office of International Affairs events. USAs hold opening parties, farewell parties, and holiday events. They also help exchange students from immigration to departure.
  The Observer asked about programs for exchange students. There are the Buddy Program, Global Harmony for the Future (GHF), and Language Partner Program (LPP). Due to COVID-19, these events were not held well, but now they are resuming. It seems to be an excellent opportunity for students to build global competence. In addition, USAs opened the 6th YU International EXPO on May 16. The event held in the Cheonma Main Gate area. There was information about exchange student countries and future travel destinations for Korean students.
  The Observer expected that many students would want to be a USA. The Observer asked how to be a USA and some tips for applying. They explained the process. First, applicants should submit documents. After evaluating the documents, applicants are interviewed. In the interview, applicants should give a personal presentation. Applicant who passes this whole process can be a cub student ambassador. For a month, cub student ambassadors train every week. When the process is complete, a student can become an official USA. USAs shared a tip for future applicants: “Be confident in your presentation! You should keep going even if you make a mistake. Also, if you hesitate to apply because of less confidence about language, your ability to excel is more important than language ability.” The 21st USA recruitment is from May 16 to 25.

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