The Most Beautiful Princess, Turandot
The Most Beautiful Princess, Turandot
  • Joo Jung-eun
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12th DIMF Turandot performance in 2018 (Provided by DIMF)
12th DIMF Turandot performance in 2018 (Provided by DIMF)

  The Daegu International Musical Festival (DIMF) will present a musical remake of Puccini’s Turandot, one of the world’s four major operas. Turandot is a beautiful princess who lives in the fictional kingdom of Okakeomare. She decided not to give her heart to any man after her mother’s death. Then, she continues a cruel game with all the men who want to marry her.
  What is the difference between the opera and DIMF’s musical? Hong Soo-yeon, DIMF’s Production & International Business manager, said the difference is in the musical element. Musicals are easier for the general public to enjoy and more popular than operas. 
  The Yeungnam Observer asked about some tips for viewing the performance. Manager Hong replied with a ‘historical background’ of the musical. As the musical Turandot was performed in various cities, each location had a different background. The previous background was an underwater kingdom, but this performance is set in Slovakia. If you have seen Turandot previously, you can experience it in a whole new way.
  The theater has satisfied changes in COVID-19 prevention requirements, but there are concerns. Manager Hong emphasized, “When audience members enter the theater, they should check their temperature and use hand sanitizer. As all seats in the theater can be used, the entire theater will be disinfected.”
  Manager Hong said she hopes “The musical Turandot will gradually become famous everywhere, including Broadway, someday.”



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