Smoking Restrictions Are Needed
Smoking Restrictions Are Needed
  • Choi Min-sik
  • 승인 2022.05.25 20:01
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  Recently, many students have complained of the significant damage caused by secondhand smoking on campus. Due to the resumption of face-to-face classes, many students make a smoking culture throughout the campus. The problem is that secondhand smoking harms others, especially in the Colleges of Business & Economics, and Mechanical & IT Engineering. Through this article, The Yeungnam Observer gathered opinions of the school, smokers, and non-smokers using the buildings. 
  A non-smoking student who mainly uses the College of Business & Economics buildings pointed out that smoking occurs in indiscriminate places. He said that smoking all over the place increases the damage caused by the smell. They recommended installing smoking booths, such as those installed in the current dormitory, as a countermeasure. Another non-smoker who mainly uses the College of Mechanical & IT Engineering facilities also pointed out smokers’ attitudes, creating a sense of fear by throwing away cigarette booth and spitting anywhere, swearing, and staring at other students. He also commented on the lack of undefined smoking areas. He said that the place where one randomly starts smoking becomes a smoking area, and he wants to get out of secondhand smoke as soon as possible.
  On the other hand, school personnel said that there are no designated smoking areas. However, each department is setting up a smoking area. In the case of the College of Business & Economics, it is designated near the new building. In the case of Mechanical & IT Engineering, there is no separate area. They said that they would recognize the damage caused by secondhand smoking and try to solve it. They would find quick countermeasures through active consultation with each department. While the damage caused by secondhand smoking remains, efforts by students and schools are needed.


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