YU Facilities for International Students
YU Facilities for International Students
  • Woo Ji-yun
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  Numerous international and exchange students have attended Yeungnam University, with the proportion of international students expected to increase gradually. Support is needed for international students to enjoy campus life, among which information about campus facilities is essential. International students use the same facilities as Korean students. However, it seems more difficult for international students to find a place to spend time during gaps between classes due to a lack of information. The Yeungnam Observer would like to recommend some places. 
  International and exchange students attending YU can spend time in the global lounge. The global lounge is located on the second floor of the International Center, and there are PCs, TVs, and water purifiers. Another lounge is also on the third floor, mainly used by students who study Korean.
  Lee Jong-woo Science Library will be a great place. There are three reading rooms on each floor from the second to the fourth floors and additional spaces, including a creative learning commons (a shared space for collaboration and discussion) with group study rooms. 
 You can also use the smart learning commons located on the second floor of the Lee Jong-woo library to spend your free time. A large TV screen with a variety of content will be waiting for you. If you are looking for spaces for religious activities, you can join a club and engage in religious activities in a club room. There are Christian, Catholic, and Buddhist clubs at YU now. In addition, there is a prayer room in the basement of the International Center for students from Islamic cultures.
  The role of the International Student Association is important for the convenient campus life, but there is no office. When asked if YU would be willing to provide an office to the International Student Association, the International Student Team replied that there was a Chinese International Student Association office until 2019. However, it was converted into a classroom due to infrequent use and an increased number of Korean Language Education Center students. Moreover, the International Student Team plans to prepare a public space for the International Student Association.


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