Election of International Student Council Members
Election of International Student Council Members
  • Kim Na-hyun
  • 승인 2022.05.25 19:35
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International members of the student council (Provided by student council)
International members of the student council (Provided by student council)

  The 55th Chaeum student council, newly launched in 2022, elected a member of the international student, fulfilling one of its promises. The elected international students are Yang Swei from the Department of Psychology, and Nguyen Thi Tao Nguyen from the School of International Economics and Business. The international student commissioners are affiliated with the student council policy committee. They serve to represent the voice of international students and deliver their opinions. The difference from the existing international student associations is that they serve to bridge the gap between general and international students. After being elected, the international student commissioners communicated with the student council. They said that the student council has improved communication with international students. Because of this, the number of communication channels where international students can access events that are held mainly by the general students has increased.  
  The goal of the international student committee is to communicate and promote so that international students can receive equal treatment and remove boundaries with general classmates. In closing, the international student commissioners said that they would try to represent the voices of international students by creating direct communication through the student council. In an interview, they answered, “We know the difficulties of studying abroad. We think it is also a special fate to study abroad in the same school. So we will work hard for international students.” 


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