Beware of the COVID-19 Aftereffects: Long COVID
Beware of the COVID-19 Aftereffects: Long COVID
  • Kim Yun-ah
  • 승인 2022.05.25 19:32
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  COVID-19 has caused many infections and deaths and changed our daily lives. In 2022, the fifth pandemic started in Korea due to the spread of the mutant virus Omicron. As a result, the total number of confirmed patients in Korea have exceeded 17 million. 
  As confirmed cases increase, the number of people suffering from COVID-19 aftereffects naturally increases. Post-COVID conditions are also called “Long COVID,” and the symptoms last at least two months.  The World Health Organization (WHO) indicates symptoms can include fever, fatigue, cough, difficulty breathing, chest pain, headache, dizziness, depression, anxiety, rashes, or changes in menstrual cycles. After analyzing 21,615 COVID-19 patients based on the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service data, 19.1% (4,139) experienced more than one aftereffect within three to six months after diagnosis. Because of this seriousness, the government is also taking measures against Long COVID. A survey will be conducted on 1,000 confirmed patients under 60. It also plans to operate a Long COVID Clinic for treatment and patient counseling at public health centers nationwide.
  To cope with Long COVID, symptoms should be carefully monitored after being confirmed with COVID-19. If the symptoms worsen over time after confirmation, you need to be treated at a medical institution. In addition, if dizziness continues after infection, chronic dizziness may occur, so a thorough examination must be conducted. Also, mild symptoms such as coughing are likely to worsen, so it is recommended to consult with public health centers. YU College of Medicine, professor Jin Hyun-jung said it is necessary not to settle for resilience and carefully examine minor aftereffects. She emphasized that it is essential to consult with a medical institution and take appropriate measures rather than enduring the aftereffects through medication alone. Also, YU College of Medicine professor Ahn Ji-young noted wearing a mask and complying with public health rules because the best prevention method of Long COVID is not to be infected with COVID-19. In order not to suffer, wise action against Long COVID is needed.


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