Changes in Schools for Students
Changes in Schools for Students
  • Choi Eun-seo
  • 승인 2022.05.25 19:26
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  After three years of coexistence with COVID-19, our society has been trying to regain its original life. Yeungnam University is making an effort to improve the quality of student’s lives and the quality of learning. Lee Jong-woo Science Library  lifted the distancing restrictions on partitioned seats from March 28, and the central library from Friday, April 1. After considering recommendations related to student use of the library reading room, the student council presented a plan.
  The Yeungnam Observer surveyed 146 students at YU on their thoughts about the policy. 47.3% of the students said that they felt uncomfortable before the library partition was lifted, which was a waste of seats. When asked about satisfaction levels after lifting the restrictions, 98% of respondents said their high satisfaction was due to the ease of securing a position.
  The school opened the library reading room 24 hours a day for about two weeks before the midterm exam period, lifting seat distancing restrictions. The student council announced that it will open the underground reading rooms (1 & 2) of the central library step by step for 24 hours from April 11 and adjust the number of open reading rooms according to the student usage rate. As student demand increased, the student council also opened the science library reading room.
  The Observer also conducted a survey on the opinions of YU students. 97.3% of the surveyed students expressed that they liked the 24 hours opening of the reading room. In addition, 70.7% responded that they preferred the reading room open 24 hours a day to have a space for studying all night while concentrating. However, there were not only good opinions. 2.7% of the students expressed bad opinions. The student’s concern was that there would be many people doing other things than studying. If the students pay more attention to their behavior, negative opinions are expected to decrease.
  Meanwhile, the Lee Jong-woo Science Library stopped operating around the clock on the 25th. The central library announced that it will continue to operate 24 hours a day with underground reading rooms.


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