YU Korean Language Institute for Future Korean Masters
YU Korean Language Institute for Future Korean Masters
  • Kim Yun-ah
  • 승인 2022.04.05 18:02
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  At Yeungnam University, international students from around the world are studying. YU offers lectures at the Korean Language Institute in the International Center so that international students can easily learn Korean. The Korean Language Institute opens regular semesters and special lectures to help more students take Korean classes. Kang Kyung-ae, the officer of the Korean Language Institute, said a total of 506 students took lectures last year, and about 68 students are currently taking spring semester classes. She said that regular semesters are held four times a year, providing 200 hours of class for ten weeks, four hours a day. Also, she noted that the special lectures are held three times a week for 60 hours for about six weeks, three hours a day. The special lectures consist of three stages. Students take classes that suit their level after taking the exam in advance. To take classes at the Korean Language Institute, international students should graduate from high school. Foreigners who are not students of YU can also take classes. 
  The Korean Language Institute provides students with various rewards. Scholarships are provided to the first-placed students in each class. Stationery is also provided to the students who receive attendance awards to encourage Korean language skills. In addition, the Korean Language Institute does not only focus on Korean language lectures. They provide a variety of information that international students need. For example, they introduce restaurants near the school and Korean holidays through their Instagram accounts. In addition, they plan to provide publicity and information through WeChat in China and Facebook in Vietnam.
  Korean language lecturers are doing their best to provide various benefits to students, such as career counseling and comfortable facilities from excellent instructors. Therefore, international students can learn Korean systematically and easily adapt to Korea. Do you want to learn Korean perfectly? If you want to become a Korean master, study at YU Korean Language Institute! 


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