What Is the Most Important Measure for YU Students?
What Is the Most Important Measure for YU Students?
  • Lee Seung-yeon
  • 승인 2022.04.05 17:59
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Campus shuttle bus (Photo by reporter Bang Jeong-won)
Campus shuttle bus (Photo by reporter Bang Jeong-won)

  Students at Yeungnam University are complaining of inconvenience due to the abolition of school buses in the first semester of 2022. After considering cost versus usage, the university decided to abolish the school bus service. For example, in 2019, the bus service utilization rate was only 2~3% with a budget of 1.3 billion won. Therefore, the university reasoned that continuing the school bus service would be wasteful. However, the student council opposed the abolition of school buses.
  The student council proposed a plan to reorganize the system and reduce the number of bus routes to the university. However, the university strongly opposed it because the utilization rate was low compared to the budget. Meanwhile, students at large complained that “It is just a discussion between the student council and the university without general student opinions.” However, the student council said, “In the process of abolishing school buses, the university was so determined that it was almost meaningless to collect student opinions.” The student council expressed regret over these decisions and suggested alternative welfare measures to the university.
  The student council has proposed four alternative benefits for more comfortable university life. First, the student council would set up indoor sports facilities such as gyms, pilates rooms, a golf course, and indoor rock-climbing walls. In addition, a complex supporting creative activities would be developed. Next, shuttle buses would circulate the campus from 08:00 to 18:00, and a new bus service would facilitate returning home during holidays. Actually, circulating campus shuttle buses began in March from 08:00 to 08:50 and 09:00 to 11:40 in the morning and 13:00 to 17:40. The campus shuttle bus stops at 11 locations on Route1 (Human Ecology) and 12 locations on Route2 (Natural Science). Detailed stops and allocation schedules can be found on the official instagram of the YU student council and the university official website. Finally, the student council promised to expand welfare plans by supporting school activities that most students can participate in and enjoy.
  However, students said in ‘Everytime,’ Yeungnam University’s anonymous community, “The most important student welfare is not the new measures, but the school bus.” In addition, the student council and the university have yet to announce or promote detailed plans for alternative welfare to students.
  So, The Yeungnam Observer interviewed the student council to ask about specific plans for alternative welfare. Among the several questions, the student council only answered, “The alternative welfare plan has been negotiated with the student affairs office. Furthermore, it will be implemented through continuous consultation with the student affairs office.” They did not elaborate on the specific welfare plan yet. However, the student council is working for student welfare by hosting various events such as the 75th anniversary of YU and club exposition. 

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