YU Student Parking Fee Burdens
YU Student Parking Fee Burdens
  • Woo Ji-yun
  • 승인 2022.04.05 17:57
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  Students are burdened by parking fees charged when using the Yengnam University parking lot. On February 22, an article was posted on YU’s Everytime Community. The article said it would be nice to apply parking passes to YU students because YU abolished shuttle buses from this semester. Professors have 10,000 won parking passes a month automatically deducted from their salary monthly. Extraordinary professors, temporary instructors, and graduate students have 20,000 won parking passes per semester, while students are not offered the same. When asked if YU was willing to issue parking passes to students, the officer replied that there was no plan to issue parking passes to students.
  The school parking lot is a space for students and faculty who commute to school by car and other people to visit our school conveniently. Parking is free within 20 minutes, but 200 won per 10 minutes for student after that. If you do not have a student ID, you will be charged 300 won per 10 minutes. 
Currently, the highest weekly fee of 15,000 won is in effect. On weekends, the maximum amount per day is set at 2,000 won. However, according to the school website, the maximum amount per day on weekdays is not indicated. How about setting the maximum amount per day on weekdays? 
  Currently, to get a student discount on parking fees, there must be an actual student ID. So, can YU students get a discount through a clicker (mobile student ID) or YU URP? Currently, student discounts are implemented through machines at the entrance. So, it is difficult because YU would have to change the existing machines. However, YU plans to re-select a parking facility and machine management facility company in July, so it will be considered it at that time. 
  As comparing parking costs per 10 minutes at universities in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do, YU charges 200 won, Keimyung University 300 won, and Kyungpook National University 400 won. Exceptionally, Daegu University does not charge parking fees. 

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