Beautiful Romance in E-World
Beautiful Romance in E-World
  • Shin Hye-bin
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E-World’s Dream Road (Provided by E-World)
E-World’s Dream Road (Provided by E-World)

  Cherry blossoms bloom beautifully in mid-March and early April. Are you planning to enjoy cherry blossoms with friends, lovers, or family? The Yeungnam Observer recommends ‘the Blossom Picnic at the E-World Starlight Cherry Blossom Festival.’ Every year, it is held at 200 Duryu Park Road in Dalseo-gu, Daegu. E-World Starry Cherry Blossom Festival has about three times more cherry blossoms than Yeouido, in Seoul. During the festival, hundreds of photo zones, including the red double-decker bus, merry-go-round, and cherry blossom sky view from 83 Tower, are filled with space to take beautiful lightings. 
  The Observer would like to offer some tips on how to enjoy this festival. The road next to the red double-decker bus is called ‘Dream Road.’ On ‘Cherry Blossom Wish Road,’ you can write your wish on a memo and tie it, to make your dreams come true! Make your wishes for this year to achieve them. Next is ‘Cherry Blossom Speech Bubble Road.’ There are many words written on the cherry trees. If you take a picture with your lover in this photo zone, you can make better beautiful memories.
  E-World has a beautiful night view as well as daytime. When you look at the night view with your lover, a very romantic mood is formed. ‘Sky drop’ is the highest ride in Korea as of 2021. Ride up to 72 meters to see cherry blossoms and downtown Daegu. Another ride where you can see the night view is ‘Sky Cycle.’ No matter how fast you pedal, the speed is limited. Enjoy the thrill of riding a bicycle in the sky among cherry blossoms.
  Spend a warm spring with someone important. Welcome to E-world Starlight Cherry Blossom Festival!

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