Lake That Blends with Cherry Blossoms
Lake That Blends with Cherry Blossoms
  • Kim Min-ho
  • 승인 2022.04.05 17:26
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Cherry Blossom View of Suseong Lake (Provided by Suseong-gu Office)
Cherry Blossom View of Suseong Lake (Provided by Suseong-gu Office)

  Suseong Lake is a famous place in Daegu frequently visited by Korean university students. Its popularity can be attributed to many photo zones, festivals, restaurants, and cafes, making it a favorite place for college students. In particular, many people take night view photos while looking at Suseong Lake and the constantly changing multi-colored Tunnel of Light. With the development of photo zones ideal for posting on Instagram and Facebook to share memories, why don’t you visit with family, acquaintances, and lovers during the cherry blossom season?
  Suseong Lake holds festivals related to culture and arts. Recently the Suseong Light Art Festivals called “Mirror Ball” and “Fire Garden” were held where people took pictures and performed fire shows to music at various festival sculptures. Due to COVID-19, we have not been able to enjoy culture and arts or experience an event called Daegu Day Festival in November 2021, to revitalize local culture.
  Many restaurants and cafes near Suseong Lake offer various types of food such as Korean, Western, Chinese, and Japanese. Korean college students generally prefer atmospheric places, so they often go to western restaurants and take pictures of their meals and acquaintances. International students are also familiar with many foods from their own countries. In the cafés near Suseong Lake, coffees, interiors, and desserts are well prepared to suit your taste. Why don’t you take an opportunity to capture a picture of your smiling face looking at Suseong Lake while eating food and enjoying coffee with international and Korean friends?


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