A Tomb Made of Notorious Comments
A Tomb Made of Notorious Comments
  • Bang Jeong-won
  • 승인 2022.04.05 17:21
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  According to the growth of video media services, anyone can become an influencer. Just record a phone camera video and upload it. To become an online streamer, just turn on the video using a streaming application. That’s all! With this trend, the number of live broadcasts has increased. However, a new form of harassment has emerged. Some users post abusive comments with their anonymity as a weapon. Concerns are growing around cyberbullying.
  Last February, there was a tragic incident where a streamer committed suicide. She suffered from malicious comments and rumors throughout the huge internet community. One video criticizing her was uploaded to YouTube and quickly exposed to many people. The notorious comments gradually increased, and she took her own life due to the stress.
  Currently, many live-streaming platforms prohibit the use of abusive language in chatting. As such incidents continue to occur, some voices decry the lack of protection for streamers. Because of anonymity, such cyber defamation is difficult to punish. In severe cases, it supports measures to exit and block some notorious viewers.
  However, these measures are not enough to prevent cyberbullying. Since the core of live streaming is immediate communication, setting too many prohibited words can be difficult. Also, even if a streamer blocks a specific viewer, it cannot prevent streaming with a new account. There are practical limitations for streamers to respond to cyberbullying legally. If the intention of the comment is unclear, the judgment is ambiguous due to the legal interpretation.
  Unlike the speed of technological development, human morality is not developing. It is time to start a meaningful discussion about social discrimination and the cyberethics of online streaming. A solid solution to cope with cyberbullying must be prepared as soon as possible.


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