YU Promotes Curriculum Reorganization
YU Promotes Curriculum Reorganization
  • Kim Ji-yeon
  • 승인 2021.12.01 18:40
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  Yeungnam University’s curriculum will be reorganized in 2023. The minimum graduation credit requirement will be reduced from 130 to 120 credits, and the names of the three departments will be changed. In addition, a new system will be implemented to foster convergence talent. In response to several questions asked by the Observer, the Office of Academic Affairs offered the following additional explanation.
  First, existing students will not fall under the new curriculum, and changes will be applied to students admitted in 2023. Despite the reduction in  graduation credit requirement, there will be no significant difference in tuition fees because there is no restriction on taking more credits. The minimum number of credit requirement per semester could also be reduced by 1-2 credits. Reducing the number of minimum credit requirement  is to help students pay more attention to comparative activities. Although not yet confirmed, YU plans to create an ‘integrated non-curricular center’ to improve the management of comparative activities.
  Although the names of three departments will change, there is no significant change in the curriculum. Some major courses that do not fit the current trend can be abolished, and new major courses can be developed. In addition, YU is actively pursuing a way to allow students to take classes of other majors through micro and convergence major systems. 
  Finally, Yeungnam University’s Office of Academic Affairs expressed its expectation of nurturing human resources with diversified knowledge in various fields. The most important thing in the fourth industrial revolution is convergence and integration capabilities.


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