The Yeungnam Store Successfully Opens!
The Yeungnam Store Successfully Opens!
  • Yoon Jeong-eun
  • 승인 2021.12.01 18:32
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  The YU Networks, an industry-academic cooperation group at Yeungnam University, officially opened an online shopping mall called “The Yeungnam Store (” on October 5. The Yeungnam Store sells a variety of items such as food and household goods. The Yeungnam Store is expected to enhance the university’s image by launching its brand. It sells eco-bags, card wallets, and official varsity jackets. Those who have missed the opportunity to purchase a varsity jacket can purchase them at The Yeungnam Store. Profits will mainly be used for operating expenses scholarships, or school development funds for students at Yeungnam University. It will also consider ways to contribute to the local community.
  The Yeungnam Store offers some special incentives. When completing the authentication of Yeungnam University’s e-mail, it offers a 10% mileage per purchase. For members, 1% mileage is accumulated. It will provide not only purchase benefits but also good products at reasonable prices. In addition, it plans to enlist students marketing supporters who will promote, plan, and suggest ideas in order to improve The Yeungnam Store, and give students a lot of experience. Please look for coming recruitment notices.
  The Yeungnam Store has been holding exciting opportunities such as review, hashtag and membership registration events. Last month, it provided mobile gift chicken vouchers for customers who wrote reviews with pictures during the event. It also picked one of them and presented a coffee machine. It is planning offline events in coexistence with COVID-19. It also plans to parody the Squid Game, a worldwide popular drama, to promote products and get closer to customer through traditional games with university souvenirs as prizes. Another event is a contest to name The Yeungnam Store’s mascot. Don’t miss out on the chances!


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