Student Opinions on New Curriculum
Student Opinions on New Curriculum
  • Jeong Yu-jin
  • 승인 2021.12.01 18:28
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  We listened to the student council’s opinions on the curriculum reorganization taking effect in 2023. They held a meeting with the Ministry of Education and all student representatives on May 28. After many questions, answers, and explanations, a vote was taken on the reorganization.
  The student council noted that a significant change is the establishment of departments and colleges preparing for the future and the reorganization of Liberal Arts Colleges. They think it is a positive change to reorganize according to the times. Adding that increasing efficiency can be expected when the academic curriculum is reorganized to match the industrial structures of society. Finally, they concluded, “We think the academic and structural reorganization of all universities is necessary due to decreasing school-age population. However, basic rights, such as students’ right to study, should not be violated in the process. In any change, the most important thing is to ensure student convenience and class rights.”
  According to a student survey with approximately 200 respondents, 51% responded positively to the decrease in graduation credits, and 87.5% said that if graduation credits were reduced, tuition fees should be reduced accordingly. The majority (51.7%) agreed to reorganize the curriculum.
  In addition, there were various opinions such as “College is a place to study more deeply about related departments, but if graduation credits are reduced, the depth of major knowledge may be shallow,” “If the curriculum is reorganized, students preparing for external activities or employment will have more time,” and “I agree with the reorganization of the curriculum, but I wonder what criteria was used to determine the department integration. Please let us know about this in detail.”


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