A Happier Campus Life with People
A Happier Campus Life with People
  • Woo Ji-yun
  • 승인 2021.12.01 18:13
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  ‘With COVID-19’ has begun. Due to COVID-19, people couldn’t communicate in person, but as a result, non-face-to-face platforms showed tremendous growth. One of them is the metaverse covered in the last issue. Non-face-to-face classes were held for about 2 years, so Yeungnam University students lacked communication space. In this situation, there is a YUMC club that tried something new for student communication. The Yeungnam Observer had an interview with Seo Seung-wan, YUMC club president.
  What made you start the YUMC club? I don’t think university is just a place to learn academics and skills. It was a pity that all the activities in which we met stopped due to COVID-19. I was in the fourth grade at the time, so the situation was better, but I was so sorry for the students enrolled in 2020 and 2021 who expected a campus life. It started with the idea of founding the YUMC club.
  What is the most memorable activity among the projects you have done? The experience of implementing an in-house graduation ceremony program with LG Electronics is the most memorable. The ceremony transformed into the metaverse, and I don’t think anyone can easily experience implementing program and communicating with them. Through the project, we were well known to the outside, and YU paid attention to us.
  Currently, YUMC is in version 3. What has changed compared to version 1 and 2? We had two versions last year, and now, we have version 3. We want to give freshness to students participating in the Metaverse, so we applied new concepts and systems. Version 1 focused on the college. Version 2 introduced the story of getting a job at a company after graduating from college. Version 3 is focused on college life again. 
  As the end of the year approaches, tell us about your thoughts on 2021’s activities. We were able to achieve things that we wouldn’t if we were alone. YUMC’s slogan is “A happier campus life with close people.” We couldn’t meet anyone due to COVID-19, but we tried to find “close friend” and enjoy a “happy campus.” ‘With COVID-19’ will begin. Whether it’s COVID-19 or ‘with COVID-19’, what’s important is the nature of trying to get along with someone.


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