Y-STAR Making New Campus Culture
Y-STAR Making New Campus Culture
  • Lee Seung-yeon
  • 승인 2021.12.01 17:48
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Special exhibition in Dream Tree: Um gallery space (Photo by reporter Lee Seung-yeon)
Special exhibition in Dream Tree: Um gallery space (Photo by reporter Lee Seung-yeon)

  Recently, a busking event was held at Yeungnam University’s the main gate. This performance was part of the Y-STAR project hosted by YU Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation and Gyeongsan City. The ‘Youth Hope Y-STAR project’ is part of the ‘Youth Happiness New Deal Project’ from Gyeongsangbuk do. The Y-STAR project is designed to create a new culture by inducing youth to create jobs and settle in areas with excellent talent.
  The project aims to create a youth space and culture, and innovate the local community. It is also striving for the development of youth and the community. Its final goal is to build a youth cultural city with local residents by creating Culture Venture Valley.
  They have divided the surrounding area into T.GROUND, H.GROUND, E.GROUND centered on the YU Venture Start-up Center. T.GROUND is conducting one-day classes for free. Local residents and young people have become teachers for one-day classes. H.GROUND established the youth culture and artistic cooperative, ‘Wynats.’ They are making an effort foster artistic talent and support associations. E.GROUND held special youth exhibitions at the Dream Tree Um: gallery space. In the Dream Tree Wind Space, busking events were held with local university clubs and indie bands.
  All of these programs came together, to hold ‘The 1st Y-STAR FESTIVAL.’ The festival included a flea market, busking performances, PD Kim Tae-ho’s humanities concert, and a Gyeongsan Kitchen Lab-linked multicultural cooking contest. YU students and other students from Gyeongbuk, can participate in our project group’s programs. Detailed information is available on Y-STAR website and SNS channels. 
  Finally, the 2nd Y-STAR FESTIVAL will be held at the Main Gate area of Yeungnam University for two days, November 25-26. The festival concept is “healing” and “meditation” for local residents and youth psychologically intimidated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Take the opportunity to join for exciting markets, busking, concerts, and contests.

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