The New Library You Want to Stay In
The New Library You Want to Stay In
  • Jeong Ha-jin
  • 승인 2021.12.01 17:39
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The Lee Jong-woo Science Library in YU (Photo by reporter Jeong Ha-jin)
The Lee Jong-woo Science Library in YU (Photo by reporter Jeong Ha-jin)

  The science library, which had been closed due to renovation, reopened on September 2. The Science Library was expanded and renovated from July 2020 to April 2021. It reopened at the beginning of the second semester after transferring books and setting an access control system. By replacing old facilities that were about 35 years old, a pleasant learning infrastructure was prepared for students. The science library was renovated with a fund of about 5 billion won by Lee Jong-woo, chairman of Korea Homer Co. Ltd., an alumnus of Yeungnam University. And the name of the library changed from the Science Library to the Lee Jong-woo Science Library.
  The library improved heating and cooling systems, ventilation facilities, insulated windows, lighting, rooftop waterproofing, elevator installation, building exterior walls, and interior design during this renovation. In addition, new spaces, including a smart learning commons, creative learning commons, and career lounge, were added. A speed gate, which restricts strangers from entering, was installed for a safe academic atmosphere. The RFID system, a book management system, was added to make book lending services easier than before. The library was transformed by surveying student opinions and recommendations before renovation began. The library set lounges where students can do cooperative learning together and carrels for solo study as well. It is a space that students can use flexibly according to their needs. After this renovation, the library expects the Lee Jong-woo Library to remain a comfortable space where students want to stay, unlike the uncomfortable old library.


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