Increasing Kiosks: Hidden Problems
Increasing Kiosks: Hidden Problems
  • Hong Min-seon
  • 승인 2021.08.30 14:32
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  These days, you can see automatic ordering machines (kiosks) everywhere you go. In many places, such as movie theaters, airports, and fast-food restaurants, kiosks are increasing. It’s because using a kiosk is much more effective than hiring an employee. As the minimum wage rises, business owners decide it’s better to set up a kiosk than to hire employees. Also, by using kiosks, unnecessary friction between customers and staff can be reduced.
  However, some people say that the fear of using kiosks increases after using them. Many people are not familiar with how to use them, so they try slowly, but they can’t order because they are worried about the people waiting behind them. This problem is common among young people as well as the elderly.
  As the number of kiosks increases, education and related apps are gradually emerging in some areas. However, many people who have difficulty installing an app that provides kiosk education. Also, it may be inconvenient to participate in education provided by the city and county offices.
  There are other problems related to kiosks. Customers who use cash feel uncomfortable because cash payments are not yet available with kiosks. In addition, because there is no braille service in kiosks, blind people also feel uncomfortable. Many people say that touch screens are inconvenient due to their slow response and complicated useage.
  The advantages of kiosks being more effective than hiring employees have been causing discomfort and even frustration for many people. We have many problems with the current situation of increasing kiosks, but there are no solutions. If these problems are not solved, and the minimum wage is raised, or if there is a reason why store owners have no choice but to increase the use of kiosks, the current problems will become even bigger.


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