Investing Frenzy Spreads to University Students
Investing Frenzy Spreads to University Students
  • Lee Min-ook
  • 승인 2021.08.30 14:21
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  Due to the recent economic downturn caused by COVID-19 and interest rate cuts, people’s attention has focused on financial assets such as stocks and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The investment situation ranges from so-called ‘ant investors’, who invest small amounts of money, to those who borrow money to invest. Stock frenzy has a positive impact on social support for startup companies. Still, many adverse effects include losing money in stocks, causing people to become psychologically and mentally devastated.
  Even among college students, the investment craze is serious. In particular, there is a growing interest in Bitcoin, which is a virtual currency. If you look at Everytime, you can easily find posts related to Bitcoin. Not only bitcoin but also stock investments are posted frequently. Why are college students so enthusiastic about investing? A college student responded, “In a serious COVID-19 situation, investing is the best opportunity to generate revenue compared to part-time jobs.” Another student replied, “Investing is the easiest way for young people to increase their wealth.”
  With so many university students investing, more and more students are using the Korea Student Aid Foundation’s living expenses to invest. The foundation’s living expense loans pay up to 1.5 million won per semester, with a low interest rate of 1.7%. In response, the  Korea Student Aid Foundation said, “It is a big problem to spend the loan money on stock investments, but it is practically difficult to control it.” Using one’s spare money for investment helps to make a fortune, but using a loan for investment is a very undesirable. 
  Stocks are in the limelight as deposit rates are lowered. However, excessive investing can be a liability and hold you back, you need to be careful. In modern society, where information is easy to obtain, university students should make wise choices so that they do not regret it.


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