New Media World of YU: Online Studio
New Media World of YU: Online Studio
  • Bang Jeong-won
  • 승인 2021.08.30 14:11
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YU Online Studio (Provided by professor Kwon Hyung-soo)
YU Online Studio (Provided by professor Kwon Hyung-soo)

  Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, Yeungnam University has offered a variety of online education. YU is making various efforts to provide students with good quality online lectures. With this flow, YU Link Plus(LINC+) business group has opened YU Online Studio.
  YU Online Studio, which was opened in room 116 of the Yeungnam University Institute of Industrial Technology, has offered the largest number of media devices such as electronic blackboards, 55-inch monitors, and camcorders. In addition, real-time classes using YouTube streaming, Zoom, or Google Meet are also available. It is a space where online content can be planned and filmed anytime without any time and space constraints.
  The space is only allowed to professors because it was designed exclusively for online classes. However, according to Professor Kwon Hyung-soo, the manager of the LINC+ business group, there is one way that YU students can use this space. It is to participate in the ‘YU Media Creator Content Laboratory’. It is designed to train one-man creators who can handle media devices well. The program provides some practical skills such as video filming, editing, and real-time broadcasting production.
  Also, professor Kwon said that “Last year, the Pandemic brought significant change in our life, including education methods. Real-time communication between professors and students, which was only conducted in the classroom, is spreading to non-face-to-face online classes. The teaching method is dramatically changing. Nowadays, also called the post-COVID 19 eras, the form of education must change in new ways. In this regard, I think the opening of the online studio is meaningful because it has changed the paradigm of education. ”
  With this trend, YU is striving to introduce online and media facilities. If you want to become a one-man creator and want to experience various broadcasting tools, why don’t you participate in these programs and use the studio yourself?

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