Changing Physical Test for Police
Changing Physical Test for Police
  • Wee Jeong-je
  • 승인 2021.08.30 14:09
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  The Korean National Police administration has announced that they will implement a new physical test that applies the same standards to male and female and candidates. The new evaluation will be implemented first in selected tests for police college students and then for senior candidates from 2023 and all candidates from 2026. The newly implemented physical test is considered highly effective because it consists of the movements that police need to perform their duties. Also, it seems to be a positive change to apply the same standards to everyone, men and women.
  The new test requires five courses to be completed within a specific time wearing a 4.2kg vest, the same weight worn by police. The test consists of five events: obstacle course running, pole hurdle jumping, pushing and pulling, rescuing, and trigger pulling. The critical point is that men and women are evaluated in practical police work, such as trigger pulling and rescuing, rather than push-ups and sit-ups as tested before.
  Despite the positive changes, there are some drawbacks. First of all, the five events require professional equipment or space, making it difficult for ordinary applicants to prepare for them. In addition, the new test method is pass or fail within the time limit. If the time limit is tight, there is a problem that female applicants with relatively weak physical strength are more likely to fail. However, if enough time is given, the problem of discrimination can be raised. In addition, some point out that the proportion of fitness in police selection may be relatively low because the fitness test has changed to pass or fail.
  It is a new test method with many advantages and problems, but there is the more advantages than disadvantages. Five years are left before 2026, which applies to all police selection methods. The Korean National Police need to consider the cases of the U.S. and U.K., from which we can learn a lot. The new test is expected to create a good police force that can protect the people’s wealth and safety.


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