Find Directions in the Media
Find Directions in the Media
  • Jeong Ha-jin
  • 승인 2021.08.30 13:53
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  No one can posit that new media such as SNS and YouTube is unreliable or that traditional media such as newspapers and radio is reliable. Traditional media is coming to resemble new media as well as the opposite. With the appearance of ‘prosumer,’ the number of media has increased. Prosumer is combination of ‘producer’ and ‘consumer’. Consequently, yellow journalism, fake news, and gossip have come to the fore. Have you ever wondered how correct information is, coming from a deluge of information from various media? Or are you having trouble finding proper pieces of information?
  “We, consumers, should be aware of the fact that news is not a very useful tool to understand the world.” It is a thought-provoking quote from Hans Rosling’s Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World-and Why Things Are Better Than You Think. As Hans Rosling said, consumer attitudes toward media became important. Producers who make fake news have a large part. However, consumers of fake news should be aware of the seriousness. It is not a light issue. There is production due to demand. It is why the role of consumers in the media market becomes important. So, this is why we have required media literacy these days.
  Selecting proper information in the media is a core competency desperately needed in our modern society. Media literacy is the ability to access various media, understand the information provided and express or communicate consumer thoughts responsibly. This ability is not innate. To develop our media literacy, we need systematic education. According to the Ministry of Education’s policy study, media literacy education should include six things: knowledge, criticism, communication, access and utilization, composition and production, and participation. Instead of simply finding information in the media, media literacy education is needed to criticize the information found in the media and create another media. So, we should learn media literacy to find the right direction.


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