Cities Ruled by Gangsters
Cities Ruled by Gangsters
  • Yoon Jeong-eun
  • 승인 2021.08.30 13:38
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  Venezuela, where economic collapse and lack of security overlap, is becoming a country controlled by gangsters. A criminal organization with almost 400 members dominates the slums of Caracas, Cota 905, and La Vega. As they took control of the region, they became an outlet that is difficult for public power to enter. They dominate the areas with the latest drones, motorcycles, and guns, calling themselves ‘leaders of the poor’. That is, they play a role of self-government. They supply the residents with food and medicine. It may sound positive, but the reality is the opposite.
  On January 8, Maduro’s administration failed to recover an area where gangsters replaced the government. According to local investigative reporters, 23 citizens were killed in the process. However, the government didn’t announce it. Since the 2010s, millions of people have left because of their struggling lives in Venezuela. After leaving the boader, they were still living hard times. For instance, a 17-year-old girl earned money from prostitution, and a young couple slept in another person’s warehouse. They could not have medical insurance or other benefits because they were illegal immigrants. Fortunately, Colombia enacted a new temporary protection law for refugees from Venezuela on February 8. It is expected that the lives of refugees will be better than before.
  The question is why Venezuela, the largest oil producer, came to this point. The biggest reason is that Venezuela’s industry relied too much on oil. They focused only on oil deposits and were not interested in oil development technology such as refining. When oil prices plunged, the country was short of funds. Next was the excessive welfare policies that were implemented to maintain the regime. Without countermeasures, the government spent its money laxly on welfare. When the oil price went down, the weak points of its political system began to be disclosed. They printed a considerable amount of money to solve financial problems. As a result, the value of the currency depreciated, and hyperinflation began. In short, these problems combined to create the current situation in Venezuela.

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