Revised Electric Kickboard Laws
Revised Electric Kickboard Laws
  • Lee Seung-yeon
  • 승인 2021.08.30 13:35
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Electric kickboard is parked on the walkway. (Photo by reporter Lee Seung-yeon)
Electric kickboard is parked on the walkway. (Photo by reporter Lee Seung-yeon)

  The revised safety traffic began on May 13. Kickboard users must have a driver’s license and wear protective equipment such as helmets. Failure to follow these rules will result in a fine. The kickboard industry objected due to the difficulty of managing helmets, the reluctance of users to share helmets, and the decline in sales. However, the revised law was enforced.
  Nevertheless, most users on the streets are not wearing protective equipment. According to one kickboard user, “I don’t wear safety equipment because it is inconvenient to carry around.” Recently, several kickboard brands have been offering kickboard services with helmets for safety compliance. 

  People are also dissatisfied with the disorderly parking of kickboards. The parking problem has become a social problem because the surrounding kickboards interfere with pedestrians and damage the city’s beauty. Another kickboard user said, “Most of the time, I park carelessly after using a kickboard.” A kickboard manager said, “Our kickboards parked in non-parking areas were picked up by our company, causing inconvenience due to the cost of collecting them.” 
  According to kickboard rules, the areas where kickboards cannot be parked include roads, crosswalks, braille blocks, subway exits, shops, and private land. Accordingly the National Police Agency said revised traffic laws will take effect on July 13. This law defines the installation of signs and permitted zone signs to allow the parking of kickboards. Therefore, this guides users to park personal movement devices in an orderly manner at designated places. Furthermore, Singsing, one of the shared kickboard companies, designates parking spaces and provides coupons for responsible parking.

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