YU Won Univ-focused Research Institute Support Project
YU Won Univ-focused Research Institute Support Project
  • Lee Seung-yeon
  • 승인 2021.08.30 13:29
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  The Information Communication Research Institute and The Living Sciences Research Institute are affiliated research institutes of Yeungnam University. Both were selected for the The University-focused Research Institute Support Project in 2021 in science and engineering. The project supports the infrastructure of university research institute to help them specialize. This is a key national policy in science and engineering that supports fostering outstanding new personnel.
  The Information Communication Research Institute is developing related industry and applied research fields. This institute is composed of 33 professors from YU. They aim to conduct research on ultra-safety and reliability in future cars through this support project. They said they conducted the study because they responsible for preventing damage caused by malfunction and performance degradation of future cars moving on their own. They were selected as the organization in charge of education for Hyundai Motor’s standard platform, which can train automotive functional safety. If undergraduates are interested in the functional safety standards of future cars, they can participate in the research.
  The Living Sciences Research Institute conducts convergent research on the necessities of life as a whole. They aim to connect with local governments to provide practical help and solutions to the elderly. This support program recognizes sarcopenia, a type of myopathy, as a disease and research to diagnose and mediate it through life behavior. They are also planning to develop an app that can mediate sarcopenia through lifestyle. People with integrated knowledge about mediating sarcopenia can participate in the study even if they are undergraduates.
  Both research institute of YU are striving for higher quality study through research on sarcopenia and future cars. They hope that many students at YU will participate with great interest in the research and research institute.

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