Let’s Practice for an Interview at Home!
Let’s Practice for an Interview at Home!
  • Yoon Jeong-eun
  • 승인 2021.08.30 13:26
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A reporter is experiencing an AI interview. (Photo by reporter Yoon Jeong-eun)
A reporter is experiencing an AI interview. (Photo by reporter Yoon Jeong-eun)

  To conduct more discriminating interviews, companies are adopting a method that incorporates artificial intelligence(AI). For students who have a hard time practicing AI interviews alone, The Office of Job Placement Services at YU provides specialized services for simulated job interviews using Job Korea AI simulated interview platform. So, The Yeungnam Observer has experienced it.
  At first, a user registration process is required. Interestingly, there is a question of choosing which job to apply for. It would be better to find the competencies required by the job you want before the interview. After a few simple tests, the basic interview starts. The first question was, “Tell me about an experience that shows your strength well.” It could be a little embarrassing to answer right away in front of a computer. However, the AI allows 30 seconds to think about the question.
  After a few questions, there is a step to analyze tendencies. There are no wrong answers. In the end, it simply recommends a job that suits your personality. The next step provides a question to assess one’s ability to respond to a given situation. The question gives an example and asks what you would do in that situation. It is essential to reflect well what kind of person you are.
  The next step is to find out compensation preferences. Choose what you want, considering the amount and when to receive it. The following steps are AI games that mainly analyze IQ. It would be better to carefully read the explanation step by step.
  The final step was an indepth interview. It has a primary question and two additional questions. After the final step, detailed interview results are shown. Amazingly, it analyzes all the facial expressions in detail. So, having a bright face during the interview is important. This program runs until the end of February next year, so students preparing for AI interviews are encouraged to try the program right away. At a time when the COVID-19 is prolonged and the number of face-to-face interviews is increasing, it would be good to participate in this program.

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