The 4th Industrial Revolution, What Should We Do?
The 4th Industrial Revolution, What Should We Do?
  • Kang Shin-hyung
  • 승인 2021.06.18 16:19
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  Many stores and restaurants are adopting machines that replace jobs done originally by humans. For example, a machine serves a plate of food that a customer ordered. When it arrives at the table, the customer takes the dishes and clicks the machine's button; then, it returns to the kitchen.
  Many students have a hard time getting a part-time job because they mainly exist in the service industry. As A.I. develops, it makes many kinds of machines that replace human tasks. Therefore, robots performing services are replacing people. Students can still be hired for service jobs, but the human element appears to be decreasing. Many jobs that were evaluated as potential primary jobs have been filled with robot workers, and students lose the way they have to go.
  The world is changing, and young people cannot find their way to a stable job. According to KOSTAT (Statistics Korea), young people aged 13~29 prefer to be public officials (44.5%). It is because they want to be employed at a stable job. Nowadays, young people are scared about unemployment, and they do not pursue challenges but a guaranteed job.
  The 4th Industrial Revolution requires people to increase creativity, but students cannot develop it. They have been passively educated, so they cannot think deeply or diversely. They only consider what they already know. They are too familiar with this sort of thinking method to contemplate the creative solution. From elementary school to high school, Korean Education is suitable with the selection examination for government employees. Students are used to passively studying certain subjects, so they avoid challenging and creative questions.
  Of course, Korean Education is an old-fashioned way of teaching, but we have already learned in this way. We have to jump out of our comfort zone and encounter new and awkward things that have never been experienced. Remember, the world is changing, and employers want to stuff robots into service work. Familiar jobs are disappearing, and new jobs will rise. Change yourself. You have to fit into the new world.

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