Delivery Service Controversies
Delivery Service Controversies
  • Bang Jeong-won
  • 승인 2021.06.18 16:18
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  With the flow of the times and the development of technology, living has become more convenient. Using a simple application, you can have everything you want in one click. The same goes for food delivery services. You just move your fingers a few times, and you can have any food you want to eat. However, so-called “abuse of power” continue to occur. 
  On February 2, an article posted on an Internet community became a hot topic. It was about a recording of an academy official verbally abusing a delivery worker. It was an audio file about 19 minutes long, revealing that the official was angry when the driver was confused about directions because of an error in marking the delivery address. The official showed off their wealth and heaped personal insults on the delivery driver. Internet users expressed their anger at the customer’s harsh words and actions. As the controversy grew, the academy director fired the official.
  On February 28, similar content was posted on another site. Due to delayed delivery, a consumer was angry and left a sexually insulting and abusive review sparking outrage. The restaurant owner apologized for the late delivery, but the customer continued to threaten. All too often, readers can find abusive reviews rather than sincere advice.
  On the other hand, there are often cases where restaurant owners threaten customers. One consumer raised a fair criticism of a delivery worker who carelessly threw and left the food at the door. The owner, who was angry at the comments, replied with abusive language and personal information such as the customer’s phone number and address. Netizens discovered that the owner had often revealed customer information in retaliation for negative reviews.
  As in these examples, disputes between customers and shop owners who use delivery applications continue to occur regularly. Violent words and actions hurt each other, becoming the center of controversy.
  Review comments and star-rating systems are essential to restaurants that use delivery applications. The evaluation system significantly impacts the restaurant's livelihood because application users order foods based on the data. The areas to be improved or legitimate criticism should accurately be expressed, but individual emotions should not be overly projected. The same goes for restaurant owners. As an operator of a store, they should listen to consumers’ opinions and have an attitude of acceptance and appreciation for the feedback. Even if you don’t like the customer’s attitude, you should not threaten or spread personal information.
  It has become easier to enjoy a convenient life, but it’s not any easier to deal with people. All jobs are equally honorable, and all people are equal. Therefore, no one should be treated violently. I hope that we can move toward a better society by thinking about each others position considerately.

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