We Should Focus on the ‘Victim,ʼ Anger Surrounding Cho Doo-soon
We Should Focus on the ‘Victim,ʼ Anger Surrounding Cho Doo-soon
  • Kim Ji-yeon
  • 승인 2021.06.18 16:17
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  After his release, Cho Doo-soon receives a basic pension of 300,000 won, a livelihood benefit of 620,000 won for two people, a housing benefit of 260,000 won, and a total of 1.2 million won each month. This fact has caused so much public resentment that about 100,000 people agreed to a petition against his receiving welfare benefits.
  However, according to the Basic Pension Act and the National Basic Livelihood Security Act, it is virtually impossible to prevent this couple from receiving welfare benefits. This is because there is no way to stop payments because of a criminal record. In addition, welfare benefits are needed to prevent repeat offenses. If even the minimum economic requirements for a basic living are not met, there is a high possibility of re-offending. Especially in the case of Cho Doo-soon, it is difficult to find a job because he is a well-known criminal. If basic living is difficult due to not being able to find a job, the likelihood of re-offending will increase. Indeed, experts argue that there is a close connection between recidivism and the economic situation. They say that the possibility of recidivism can be suppressed if the minimum economic situation is met.
  However, the position of those who agreed to the petition against Cho Doo-soonʼs welfare benefits can also be understood. They are angry because they believe that Cho Doo-soon has not been appropriately punished and that there are still criminal elements and risks.
  I think the government must develop more detailed post-release measures to prevent people from complaining of such inconvenience again.
Welfare is not the only part that needs more effort from the government in the future. In the 12 years of Cho Doo-soonʼs punishment, the government and political circles have not solved Cho Doo-soonʼs problem of returning to live near the victim again. This strange situation led to the victim's family fleeing from the assailant. The relocation costs were raised through national fundraising. It is similar to the situation 12 years ago when the victim couldnʼt afford the expensive treatment and therefore raised the money to pay for it through public fundraising.
  The victimʼs pain is hard to imagine. The victimʼs family said the trial process 12 years ago is still vivid, making them so frightened and angry. The victim is overcoming pain and living in college. Still, she hopes people around her would never know that she was a victim of sexual violence and that she is not as healthy as ordinary people, although she recovered a lot.
  Even though the victim and her family live in trauma, the government has not discussed any countermeasures. Even the Ministry of Justice concluded that Cho Doo-soon had a “risk of recidivism”, but Cho Doo-soon was released as scheduled and returned to his original location.
  In our country, we repeat our response by raising punishment levels for criminals every time a vicious crime occurs. But rather than this, I think it is necessary to create a protective system for the victims left behind or a system to manage brutal criminals after discharge.

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