Enjoy VR Art Exhibitions!
Enjoy VR Art Exhibitions!
  • Bang Jeong-won
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Non-face-to-face exhibition posters (Provided by Uiseong Country Office)
Non-face-to-face exhibition posters (Provided by Uiseong Country Office)

  Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, it has become difficult to enjoy cultural life. Fortunately, there are new ways to enjoy cultural life. There has been constant effort to hold exhibitions through advanced technologies. With this trend, a contact-free art exhibition was held in Uiseong, Gyeongsangbukdo. The Yeungnam Observer interviewed an event official, Kim Yang-hak, job creation and policy manager in Uiseong County Office.
  Many people participated in the exhibition. Seventeen teams of young artists were recruited to create unique artworks with the elderly. This project was designed to provide jobs for the young and relieve cultural thirst in the countryside. The project promoted harmony among generations by giving artistic inspiration through continuous communication.
  This event was initially scheduled to be held at local cultural facilities. However, when COVID-19 became severe, it turned into a non-face-to-face exhibition using VR technology. Although it could be challenging to use VR technology initially, it successfully made its appearance in community halls.
  Participants in this project liked and enjoyed it very much. Young artists said that it was so meaningful to try new artworks in unfamiliar places with various themes. A senior citizen said it was fun to try new things away from the daily routine. The project manager said that it was an excellent opportunity to attract national attention and develop the countryside.
  This exhibition has been held since January 29. You can enjoy the exhibition using the QR codes on the attached poster. You can enjoy panoramic rural village views and many artworks such as crafts, paintings, and literary works produced by villagers. How about enjoying an unusual exhibition that anyone can enjoy without restrictions on time and space?

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