Daegu Art Museum Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary
Daegu Art Museum Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary
  • Jeong Yu-jin
  • 승인 2021.06.18 16:12
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External appearance of Daegu Art Museum (Photo by reporter Jeong Yu-jin)
External appearance of Daegu Art Museum (Photo by reporter Jeong Yu-jin)

  To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its opening, the Daegu Art Museum will hold an exhibition, “Era and Terra,” to highlight Daegu’s modern art from February 9 to May 30. This exhibition shows the period of modern art from the 1920s, when Western-style paintings came in and new art began, to the 1950s, when they overcame the scars of war. The exhibition’s title, “Era and Terra,” symbolizes the spirit of modern artists who continued in their hopes through liberation and war, as well as the will to defend our country against the hardships of the Japanese colonial era.
  The exhibition consists of five sections. In the first section, we can see how traditional paintings in Daegu turn into art. In the second section, we can investigate Hyangtohoe, the first painting group in Daegu, specializing in Western painting. In the third section, we can appreciate works depicting our country in the 1930s and 1940s. The fourth section shows the influence of teacher-to-student relationships and education that led to modern art growth. In the fifth section, we can understand the artistic spirit preserved during the chaos of liberation and war.
  We must focus on two things in this exhibition. The first is that we can discover new artists whom we cannot find at various Daegu Modern Art Exhibitions. The second is that we can see two representative Korean artists’ works showing the highlights of modern Korean art here.
  With the help of modern art collectors from all over the country, about 140 works are exhibited. It is expected that Daegu’s most extensive collection of modern art and abundant archives can provide citizens a lot of pleasure.

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