New Transportation, Electric Scooters
New Transportation, Electric Scooters
  • Bang Jeong-won
  • 승인 2021.06.18 16:02
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Electric scooters in front of YU (Photo by reporter Bang Jeong-won)
Electric scooters in front of YU (Photo by reporter Bang Jeong-won)

  More and more people are using personal electric mobility such as wheels, scooters, and bicycles. Among them, electric scooters are gaining popularity due to the expansion of sharing platforms. A scooter rental service is also available at Yeungnam University. The Yeungnam Observer looked into YU student opinions on sharing scooters.
  According to the survey conducted from February 26 to March 2, 57.1% of the respondents answered affirmatively to the question “Are you satisfied with the scooter rental service?” More specifically, 35.7% answered “very satisfied” and 7.1% answered “normal.” The most significant advantage mentioned is that it is easy to use and move quickly. However, it can cause safety problems and disorderly parking.
  The students also expressed their opinions on how the service should be improved. Their immediate suggestion was to make a dedicated path for electric scooters to prevent dangerous accidents. Some recommended creating a scooter stop as a parking area.
  To avoid accidents with pedestrians, scooter drivers should always ride with caution. Scooter users must wear a helmet and safely keep their hands on the handle. To prevent slippage, you should not drive a scooter on rainy or snowy days. Also, only one person should be on a scooter. Two or more people are prohibited from riding together.
  Parking properly is also important. You must park in the designated areas for scooters. You can find the nearest parking area in the scooter service application. Scooters should be parked on the side of the road to avoid obstructing pedestrians. When parking, consider the visually impaired. To avoid serious injury, be careful not to cover or impede the braille blocks. 
  Scooters are convenient transportation, but they can lead to dangerous accidents. Riders must follow the rules for safe and convenient riding on campus.

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