Animals Have Life, Too!
Animals Have Life, Too!
  • Jeong Yu-jin
  • 승인 2021.06.18 15:44
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  Although the animal abuse issue has long been raised, it is still hard to find a solution. Recently, the KakaoTalk Open Chat room, which focuses on shooting street cats with a bow, breaking their skulls, and boasting with photos, has focused people’s attention.
  The KakaoTalk Open Chat room, also called the “animal version of the nth room,” does not merely showcase animal cruelty; it expresses the idea that killing animals is legitimate hunting, encouraging participants to engage in further abuses.
  If such animal abuse photos or videos are delivered, screened, or posted through an online chat room, the perpetrators can be fined up to 3 million won. When people capture animals in the city or near residential areas, they can be subject to the Animal Protection Act. When people kill wild animals, they can be subject to the Wildlife Protection Act, which carries stricter penalties.
  Looking at laws related to animal abuse in other countries, the United States Animal Welfare Act of 1966 was a major federal law for animal protection. The law regulates the treatment of animals when examined, transported, and exhibited. The United Kingdom has stricter rules than the United States. Intentional abuse of animals in France will result in up to two years in prison or a fine of 30,000 euros.
  Although each country has laws to punish those who commit animal abuse, these problems continue. So how can we solve this problem? Further strengthening of punishment is one way, but the most important solution is for each person to acknowledge the dignity of animal life. Just as human life is precious, animals are also living things worthy of protection. Change occurs with small things. Instead of doing something grand, it is essential to look back on yourself and change. 


If you witness any animal abuse case, please report it to the relevant organization immediately. To report  it, visit Korean Animal Welfare Association website or call Tel) 1577-0954. Although it might be seemed as a tiny effort, it can bring a huge change to an animal’s life. it is time to pay attention to the abused animals.

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