Can This Year Be Different from the Last?
Can This Year Be Different from the Last?
  • Lee Min-ook
  • 승인 2021.06.18 15:31
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  Yeungnam University’s 2021 COVID-19 response manual is similar to last year’s. One difference is that the body temperature measurement site was moved to Cheonma soccer field because the traffic is higher than Machinery Hall.
  YU is making a lot of effort to prevent COVID-19, but there has been some controversy. The notification process was insufficient in the event of a confirmed case. Students and faculty members were notified too late when infection cases from the College of Music, the dormitory, and the reading room were confirmed. In “Every Time,” a message was posted few months ago, so that students could quickly learn about the outbreak of confirmed cases.
  In an interview with the safety management team, the team leader explained the notification was late because there were not many confirmed places that patients visited. Also, not many people were associated with confirmed patients in the school. The prompt notice could instead cause students unnecessary anxiety. Instead, he said, it was announced after the quarantine measures and the first inspection was completed. According to the school, the specific patient routes were not disclosed because the quarantine authorities had closed the route and protected personal information from being disclosed.
  For the February 19 confirmed patient, the safety management team immediately closed the reading room until sunday, conducted the prevention of the Central Library building, and provided seat information and CCTVs for students using the reading room to help with the epidemiological investigations by the health center. About 50 people, including seven close contacts related to confirmed patients, underwent PCR tests, and all received negative results. Wrapping up the interview, the head of the safety management team said that he is expending a lot of effort to prevent COVID-19 and is carefully making decisions with consideration of student concerns.

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