Employment Support at Yeungnam University
Employment Support at Yeungnam University
  • Jeong Ha-jin
  • 승인 2021.06.18 15:29
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  As the pandemic took hold, the employment market also suffered a cold wave. The difficulties of job seekers have increased due to companies downsizing, or recruitment fairs being canceled. Juniors and seniors looking for jobs are facing a harsh wall of reality. In this situation, Yeungnam University provides information and supports students through the Yeungnam Office of Job Placement Services.
  Recently, many companies are expanding job interviews using artificial intelligence (AI). As AI interviews increase, Yeungnam University provides mock interviews using AI. As AI resumes reviews are also increasing, YU assists students in writing resumes. The training supports National Competency Standards for job applicants who prepare for public enterprises during the semester and vacation. Students can receive mentoring from other who have worked for companies. Student can also experience aptitude tests given by most major companies. Classes for students preparing for minor enterprises will be held soon. Additionally, there are special lectures about hiring trends and work experience.
  An official of the Yeungnam Office of Job Placement Services said many students taking online classes has increased compared to before the pandemic. He added that mentors and instructors can meet students with no bounds on time and space. Still, there are few differences in student satisfaction compared to in-class education. The Yeungnam Office of Job Placement Services provides various activities for YU job applicants. The earlier one prepares, the better one’s success can be. There is more information on the website (https://join.yu.ac.kr).

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