Spectacular Change in the Trail: Green Art Road
Spectacular Change in the Trail: Green Art Road
  • Bang Jeong-won
  • 승인 2021.06.03 14:38
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Artworks in Apsan Green Art Road (Photo by reporter Bang Jeong-won)
Artworks in Apsan Green Art Road (Photo by reporter Bang Jeong-won)

 At Apsan, a familiar resting place for Daegu citizens, some colorful artworks are displayed. The Apsan Green Art road was created to provide new attractions to citizens and visitors. The ordinary trails have changed beautifully through public art projects that combine art and nature.
  The Green Art Road, approximately 600 meters long, offers 113 artworks from the fields of string art, lighting art, media art, trick art, and installation art. The project began in August last year with thirty-eight local artists from the Association of Modern Artists who were recruited to participate in art activities.
The Green Art Road has been reborn as a place of rest and healing for people tired of COVID-19, by adding artworks to beautiful nature. It is expected to become a unique night spot because lighting and media artworks have been installed with soft and comfortable lights.
  Nam-gu Office held an opening ceremony on March 25 to celebrate the successful creation of the Green Art Road in compliance with social distancing rules to prevent COVID-19. Cho Jae-gu, the executive officer of Nam-gu, said that “The monotonous main trail has become more colorful with artworks and landscape. It is expected to be a representative healing place of Daegu where you can enjoy nature and art together.”
  The Yeungnam Observer went to the scene, too. We could have a relaxing time on a beautiful and peaceful trail. It will be an excellent opportunity to experience new fields of art and overcome the stress from COVID-19. How about visiting the Green Art Road to appreciate the beauty of nature without any restrictions?


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