A Meeting Place that Will Disappear into History
A Meeting Place that Will Disappear into History
  • Kim Ji-yeon
  • 승인 2021.06.03 14:20
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  Daegu Department Store (Daebaek) is expected to disappear into 52 years of history. On March 29, Daebaek’s board of directors announced its decision to temporarily close its main shop at Dongseong-ro, Jung-gu, from July 1. Daebaek is the only remaining local department store in the country. All other local department stores were closed earlier. The expected causes are large department store chains and online malls. Above all, however, one of the main reasons is sales decline due to people’s reluctance to buy offline because of COVID-19.
  As news of the closing was announced, much attention was poured into the future operating plan of the building. Rumors of the destruction of the building have been circulating for a while. At the regular shareholders’ meeting on March 26, however, Chairman Koo Jung-mo said, “It is just a rumor circulating at a time when there is a continuous deficit in the sale.” He added, “We are currently considering measures to boost the company’s management, so no decision has been made.” In addition, an official from Daebaek said, “We are considering various possibilities such as renting, remodeling or converting to outlets, and we have not decided whether to sell it.”
  The news of the closure, a popular meeting place known to all local residents, made many people sad. It is not yet known what the future building will look like, but many people hope that the space will continue to be there rather than disappear into history. Many companies and people are suffering from the prolonged COVID-19 situation. Meanwhile, an official from Daebaek said, “Many citizens in Daegu still love Daebaek, and I really want to repay that love.” Attention is needed to local companies that are disappearing one by one amid COVID-19 and regional management difficulties. In this situation of the disappearance of previous meeting place, where would be the next?


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