The Silent Leakage of Privacy
The Silent Leakage of Privacy
  • Baek Ga-eun
  • 승인 2021.06.03 14:06
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  Social Network Services  have become indispensable in our lives today. We upload every single detail of our daily lives to SNS and keep in touch with acquaintances through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, for example. The majority of SNS users are concentrated among younger age groups, such as those in their teens and 20s. Accordingly, YU students use SNS services a lot.
  People provide their personal information for the usage of any service. Usually, they join social media on the assumption that the company providing the service will undoubtedly protect their information. But what if it doesn’t?
  The personal information of more than 530 million Facebook users, the world’s largest social media, has been leaked. About 120,000 Facebook users in Korea are known to be exposed. On April 3, according to Business Insider and Reuters reports, the leaked personal information of Facebookusers was posted on the bulletin board of Cultura Collectiva, a Mexican-based media company. It was also uploaded to the Amazon Cloud server, where it was accessible to anyone.The information included contacts, user names, IDs, residences, birthdays, history, and email addresses of Facebook users from 106 countries, including Korea.
  This is not the first time Facebook has leaked user information. In 2018, there was a Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal (breach). A British political consulting firm named Cambridge Analytica collected data from millions of Facebook users without consent. The information was used for political advertising.
  There have been several security loopholes on Facebook, which means there is no complete guarantee that user information will be protected. Will you leave your privacy entirely in the hands of enterprises? It is time to be vigilant on your own.


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