Rethinking Toilets without Trash Cans
Rethinking Toilets without Trash Cans
  • Lee Min-ook
  • 승인 2021.06.03 14:05
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  Three years after the toilet-without-a-trash-can policy was implemented, trash cans are being re-equipped in public restrooms in Daegu. In accordance with the Enforcement Decree of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, since January 2018, Daegu City removed the trash cans located next to toilets in public restrooms.
  According to subparagraph 3 of article 7 of the Act on Public Toilets, it is stated that “no trash can shall be placed in the toilet partition.” This policy was created to improve restroom aesthetics, hygiene and reduce odors and pests. In the early days of the policy implementation, the Daegu Metropolitan Government used Water-soluble tissue in public toilets, attached signs or stickers banning the entry of foreign substances to each partition, and placed large trash cans next to sinks.
  However, contrary to the purpose of the ordinance, public toilet officials complained, “As there is no trash can, people throw toilet paper on the floor.” They added, “It seems cleaner to have a trash can for sanitary reasons, even if it requires one more step to clean.” Also, there was an increasing problem with general wet tissues being put into the toilets, resulting in clogged pipes.
  Additionally, due to the toilet-without-a-trash-can policy, feminine product collection boxes were installed. However, those containers were filled with toilet paper, trash, and sanitary pads, creating another problem. “It seems that the social habit of throwing toilet paper into the toilet is still being established”, a restroom cleaner said. She added, “There is also a lot of other garbage such as plastic bags and stockings in the containers.”

(Provided by Ohmynews)
(Provided by Ohmynews)


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