Brothers From Same Parents, Will They Become One?
Brothers From Same Parents, Will They Become One?
  • Lee Min-ook
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  The integration of Yeungnam University and Yeungnam University College, one of the biggest student concerns, has been mentioned again since Choi Oe-chul took office as president. President Choi proposed the integration as an election pledge. A special vice-president was established to conduct the task of establishing integration and a win-win development with YNC. YU and YNC are universities under the same corporation. Still, the integration procedure and process are complicated, and there are many things to consider. Therefore, a special vice president will be in charge.
  If integration proceeds, YNC will move to the Gyeongsan Campus. Afterward, ‘Medical Y City’ will be created at the former YNC campus. ‘Medical Y City’ is expected to be led by the YU Medical School and Medical Center. The resulting medical hub center would include the YNC nursing department, YU Medical School, and Yeungnam University Hospital.
  The agreement between the two universities is the most critical factor toward integration. Currently, most YU students are opposed to integration. The student council told “Every Time” on February 27 that it had continued to inquire and express opposition to the school regarding the integration. The council then expressed its position that it is unlikely that integration with YNC would be carried out immediately. However, if the school ignores student opinions and pushes ahead with integration, student leadership would take collective action.
  If YU and YNC integrate, it will create efficient utilization of campus space and strengthen the university against financial difficulties and a decrease in the number of admissions. However, if integration is made without the consent of the members, it will cause division within the school. The two universities should consider this and set the direction.

The YNC Cheonma Square building (Provided by Kyonbuk-Ilbo)
The YNC Cheonma Square building (Provided by Kyonbuk-Ilbo)


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