The Way Back to Learning at YU
The Way Back to Learning at YU
  • Jeong Ha-jin
  • 승인 2021.06.03 13:50
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  Last year, the world stopped because of COVID-19. Persistent infections have caused the government to suspend or limit almost all previous daily routines. As COVID-19’s global spread looks far from over, each government has loosed regulations allowing people to go back to their daily lives, only slightly different from before. Yeungnam University also had a difficult time with classes last year. It is the same for international student. Since the second semester of last year, as face-to-face classes have resumed, international students can return to YU.
  The process for international students coming back Korea is as follows. They should report immigration information and self-quarantine address through the survey form or email it to the YU Office of International Cooperation before entry. Following the government’s guidelines, as soon as they arrive at Incheon International Airport, they should take a bus to Gwangmyeong Station. They should inform YU of the estimated arrival time at Dongdaegu and take KTX from Gwangmyeong Station. At Dongdaegu Station, they should take an ambulance, provided by the Gyeongbuk provincial office, to Gyeongsan City Health Center to take a test. Then, self-quarantine begins following the registration process.
  According to this process, students have to pay the expenses for self-quarantine and spend 14 days in self-quarantine. Understandably, international students have difficulty choosing a place to self-quarantine. So, YU’s Office of International Cooperation provides the Gyeongbuk Global Center as a place for self-quarantine only for those who need help. It also supports three meals and other necessities for self-quarantine. Despite such confusion worldwide, international students are going through a complex processe to continue their learning.

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