Bombing Real-Time Video Classes
Bombing Real-Time Video Classes
  • Bang Jeong-won
  • 승인 2021.06.03 13:47
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(Photo by Chosun-Ilbo)
(Photo by Chosun-Ilbo)

  The Pandemic has brought significant change to our society, including education methods. Due to the advantage of communicating online, real-time classes using video conferencing programs like Zoom or Google Meet have been expanding. However, there are some concerns about the disturbances from illegal entry by outsiders. It is a new crime in a non-face-to-face era.
  Even a new term has recently emerged to refer to this, ‘Zoom-Bombing’, which is a variation on ‘Photo-Bombing.’ Zoom-Bombing means to suddenly and purposely interrupt real-time video classes with ill intent. Meeting IDs are shared only with students, but in some instances, are leaked to outsiders through various methods. Intruders break into video classes and interrupt the lecture by shouting swear words or sending pornography. Zoom-Bombing has emerged as a new social problem.
  The Yeungnam Observer surveyed YU students to investigate the experience of real-time video class vandalism from April 30 to May 6. 92.8% of the respondents answered “No.” to the question “Have you ever experienced real-time video class vandalism?” 7.2% of them answered “Yes.” Then they talked about their experiences. Last semester, they were interrupted by anonymous groups in real-time classes using YouTube live programs. The lecture link was leaked despite being open to a limited number of students, so they felt harassed by swearing culprits. They said strong certification procedures should be put in the online classes before entering. They also argued that strict punishment should be imposed on those who interrupt online classes.

   YU introduced a system that allows specific students to attend lectures only by using a certified e-mail address to prevent such incidents. However, students say the certification process needs to be a little more demanding. It is time to discuss appropriate alternatives to create a better educational environment.


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