Flight Transportation Major Founded
Flight Transportation Major Founded
  • Choi Seon-uk
  • 승인 2021.06.03 13:44
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  Eighty Yeungnam University students are working hard to become the Republic of Korea Air Force pilots. They are Flight Transportation majors and Flight Operations students. Flight Transportation major is an Air Force contracted major for training student pilots. From this semester, the new major began in the College of Business & Economics. Twenty freshmen entered this year.
  The beginning of the Air Force contracted major was Flight Operations in the Free Major Department in 2013. Students who passed the qualification to receive the Air Force scholarship enter YU and train hard to become pilots.
  All students in Flight Transportation and Flight Operation are Air Force scholarship students in flight operations. They were selected by the Air Force through special testing and receive commissioned education in YU. They get support from YU and the Air Force with a full scholarship for tuition and study materials for four years.
  Based on YU and the Air Force’s support, Flights Operations has taken off to become a single major. With Flight Transportation major’s growth, YU takes a big step in becoming a cradle for major actors in a global society. There is much attention towards the development of the future with YU students protecting Korean skies and traveling worldwide.

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