How Are YU’s Face-to-Face Classes Going?
How Are YU’s Face-to-Face Classes Going?
  • Baek Ga-eun
  • 승인 2021.06.03 13:38
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A classroom where face-to-face lectures are offered (Photo by reporter Baek Ga-eun)
A classroom where face-to-face lectures are offered (Photo by reporter Baek Ga-eun)

 This semester, Yeungnam University has offered the largest number of face-to-face lectures since the outbreak of COVID-19. Face-to-face lectures, which were previously limited to subjects including experiments, practical training, and practical technique, were extended to theoretical classes this semester. Large numbers of students are visiting the YU campus for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic.
 Since COVID-19 is not yet finished, safety protocols on YU campus are a top priority. Strict rules have been set at the school level to prevent the spread of the virus. Examples are strict wearing of masks on campus, including classrooms, registration of QR codes at building entrances, and fever checks at school entrances. This article examines student opinions on how face-to-face classes are going amid COVID-19.
 The Yeungnam Observer conducted a survey of YU students on campus to investigate the safety of face-to-face classes. 70.8% of students surveyed confirmed that they had face-to-face classes this semester. Of those, 77.7% said face-to-face lectures were proceeding poorly with safety rules. Students who answered that the quarantine was not going well cited the following reasons.
 All indicated that social distancing in the classroom was not properly managed. Secondly, 46.2% felt that activities such as fever checks were not working well. 30.8% said QR-code registrations were under-managed, which is essential for building access. Finally, 38.5% responded that mask-wearing in classrooms during face-to-face lectures was not strictly followed.
 In addition, students offered their opinions for safer classes. For instance, they said immediate notices and school-level guidance should be made in the event of on-campus confirmed cases. There was also an opinion that ventilation and disinfection in the classrooms should be conducted more regularly. Also, they recommended that specified seats in the classrooms should be arranged for stronger social distancing. Lastly, they urged that quarantine should be strengthened through measures such as no permission to enter buildings without a fever check and the registration of QR codes.


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